We Love Jesus

We love Jesus because He died for us, so that we are saved and have life again! To understand this part (why should we need to be saved?), it is important to understand The Gospel. Let’s start with explaining you The Gospel in a nutshell, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

The Gospel

Do you know the game “chess”? It is like this: you make a move, then the other makes a move.
Is it allowed to do two or three moves in one turn? No.
What if I really, really want to move more than one piece, is it allowed? Still not. Because there are rules.
It is the same with God.

We sinned (our move), God sent His Son Jesus to save us (Gods move).
We need to repent (our move), God will forgive you (Gods move) immediately. Because He loves you.
You see an important part that a lot of people forget: repentance. God really want to forgive you, but it is your turn. He sent His Son already. You need to ASK forgiveness is the next step.
So don’t wait with anger “where is God in this difficult situation”, God is waiting with open arms to embrace you again. But you can’t stand before a Holy God without repentance. It is necessary to do this move, and repent from your sins with all your heart.

Am I a bad person?

In the beginning God created a nice garden on earth. Adam and Eva lived there in peace. God placed many trees they could eat from, in the middle of the garden He planted the Tree of Life and the tree of good and evil. Adam and Eva could eat from everything, except the tree of good and evil.
People are asking, why did God plant a tree they may not eat from? Because God gave them a free will. He gave us all a free will to choose for Him.
For example: you can’t force someone to marry you, it needs to be out of love. You have a free will to love each other.
So God didn’t want to make humans like robots who obey Him because of no free will. He always wanted humans to build a relationship with. The free will part is very important here.

Because Adam and Eva choose to eat from the tree of good and evil, they immediately where closed to God. They were ashamed, hid themselves in the bushes and realized they were naked. The beautiful garden was for holy people, God sent Adam and Eva out of the garden because they weren’t holy anymore. The world fell in sin. God was hurt. He sent a flood and saved Noah and his household and a few animals. But again the people fell in sin. They needed to be saved, God really wanted to repair the relationship between Him and the people. So God sent His Son Jesus.

Jesus was 100% God and 100% human. When He was baptized with the Holy Spirit He served the people with prayers, healings, raised people from the dead, multiplied food and many many more things. When Jesus was 33, He was crucified and took all our sins on Him. He took our sins so that we can be free from sin. Because of Jesus it is possible again to reach God and we can have a relationship with Him again.

Jesus rose on the third day and went after a 40 days to heaven on a cloud. He told His disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait for His helper the Holy Spirit. They prayed and waited for 10 days and the Holy Spirit came upon them. This is the same Holy Spirit that Jesus raised from the dead. This is the same Holy Spirit that Jesus had when he walked around the world and did good like healing the sick.

In the Bible, chapter Acts, we can read that who received the Holy Spirit will do the same things and greater like Jesus did. Today it is still the same. It was not only for the people back in time, but for you and me now. You can choose to be a disciple of Jesus. Your 24/7 job description is clear: make more disciples, baptize them and teach them (Mark 28:19). We need the Holy Spirit to have a good relationship with God and to do the same things Jesus did. The Holy Spirit is a helper we really need, to see the things God want to show us. This part is not only for special people or educated people. Sometimes we see that in religion, that there are a few with a special anointing and that is never you. So you are not activated to go out and share the gospel wherever you are and make disciples. But that is not Biblical. You see in the Bible that Jesus choose very “simple” uneducated people. We are all called to share the gospel and make disciples. Even when you are not an evangelist, you can evangelize. It is a decision to make, if you want to.

Do you want to live for Jesus? Completely?

Short we can say there are 3 points which are important to have a relationship with God again:
1. Repent from your sin. Turn away from sin.* Acts 2:38
2. Baptize in water and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your savior. In water you die with Jesus and rise with Him like He rose again after the grave. The sin will stay in the water, you will rise in victory with Jesus.
3. Baptize in the Holy Spirit. He is necessary to guide you. You can receive the Holy Spirit when someone lay hands on you (this person must have the Holy Spirit already). Acts 8:17 – 19, Acts 9:17, Acts 19:6.

*Sin: You may think, I’m not that bad when I compare myself to others. I don’t steal or cheat. But did you ever told a lie? The Bible is very clear: if you break one rule, you broke them all. The higher the person, how bigger is the punishment. If I lie to my daughter, there is no punishment for me. But what if I lie to my boss? I can be fired. Or what if I lie to a judge? I can go to jail. Imagine what happens if you lie against a Holy God. If you don’t choose for God and with that turn away from sin, you will go to hell. God gives you a solution, take the salvation He brought through Jesus! He will set you free! You just need tot choose for this, out of your free will.

So, we LOVE Jesus because He paid our price. We needed to be crucified for our sin but He took the punishment. He is our savior!
Jesus is also our example how to live. In perfect love, that comes from God.

We want to follow Jesus with all our hearts and He knows the way!

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