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We went from Germany to the Netherlands to join Family Camp from YWAM. We prayed in Spain together where we could meet more Dutch speaking children for the kids to play with. At several times this camp came in mind. We are so grateful that we had the possibility to join! It was a blessing for all of us. We had time as a family and the people there served us the whole week with teaching, warm meals, fresh coffee, a Bible kids club in the morning and evenings. We had some time for each other (Jeffrey and I), more time for the kids and it was something totally different to be served instead of serving. We really enjoyed it. We also spent time with friends who are living on the YWAM base in Heidebeek, and the kids made new friends.

After this we had the feeling that we should go to Denmark. Through prayer it was confirmed by a few other people, so we went. The Lord put love in our hearts for Denmark. We stayed a week in Jutland, then we went to the island Fyn (Fuun, the y = uu) and stayed two weeks with Jesus followers. They had many apples in their garden, and we made a lot of apple crumble, jam, and sauce.

The last Sunday at Fyn I (Marianne) had the feeling that we needed to be in Copenhagen. We went there (we stayed in the area with a couple who follow Jesus as well) and visited our lovely Jesus family at the Copenhagen Community Church (CCC) again. We love that place so much. The people are so close to our hearts. We see that the Holy Spirit gets much space and that there is willingness to grow. They are exploring the “discipleship” topic, a topic that is also important in our lives. We shared hearts, could visit people, prayed together and enjoyed fellowship. By one elderly lady we received a big bag full of apples. With these apples, we could make apple pie and apple crumble for other people we have visited. This was a joy and blessing!

In this period, we celebrated Juda his birthday, he turned 5! We had a good day, did and eat everything he likes and for him it was “the best day of his life!” 😉 . We are incredibly happy for this because missing friends and family makes birthday celebrations harder.

Our desire, which the Lord has put in our hearts, is to work together with the CCC and to grow together in the Kingdom of God. We want to reach more people in Copenhagen with the gospel. Why specific this city is not clear for us, but we know the need for Jesus is big in this city.

So, we felt to stay and asked for more confirmations. God is good and He wants to confirm your plans, or He is showing another way. We got the confirmation that we should be in Denmark, but not right now. God’s timing is always perfect, even when it does not always feel like it. In His timing we are not going to stay here now, because we are asked to help somewhere else. For us, our flesh, this is something hard. We feel the Lord is testing our obedience, and also that He wants to teach us something at the other place we are asked to help.

Now we see this clear, we really could connect all the “dots”. But it was an uncertain time for weeks where we did not understand the ways of the Lord. We got frustrated, we were in Denmark but there was no sign, no movement or clear vision. So, we thought that we might have heard it wrong. We decided to fast and pray. Fasting for us is to lay down our flesh more and to seek the Lord more. We experience during fasting that our spirit needs to be stronger, and that our body/flesh does not lead us. When we felt weak, we really need to proclaim that our strength is from the Lord only. Not from what we eat or drink. The Lord sees a seeking heart. In this time, He revealed things to us. We got a better vision for the next months and coming year, where, we feel, the traveling is coming to an end…

To be continued…

In this time of searching, fasting and prayer we stayed around Roskilde and Ringsted. This is close by Copenhagen. We enjoyed some family time in the “Sporvejsmuseet”, a really cool collection of older trams, which drove in Denmark, Germany, Australia and even the Netherlands!

We do have some prayer points:
1. For the kids, that they can still move easily in all the traveling and for friends to play with at every place where we are.
2. For peace and rest, when things are not 100% clear.
3. For protection, physically and spiritually.

With love,

The Draaijer family

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