A summary

Because it is the second half of 2022 we publiced this website, we will give a summary of our first part of the trip. In the second blog you can read we went to Denmark, from there I start.

  • The Lord put on our heart to visit the Copenhagen Community Church, where we went several times. The Holy Spirit had much room there and we had a blessed time with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • The pastor of de Copenhagen Community Church gave us contact details from friends in Sweden we could visit. We directly felt a “yes” to go there. Like always we asked the Lord what we are doing in this specific place. He opened our eyes for unfinished work on the property, so we made ourselves useful with our hands.
  • When we just arrived in Sweden we received a message from friends from the Netherlands if we had plans for the next day. We thought they had sent it to the wrong person, but no. So they came all the way from the Netherlands to visit us for 1,5 days and drive home again.
  • We met a nice man there during a church market and he invited us over at his place in Göteborg when our way would lead to that direction. A few weeks later we feel led to go to Fredrikstad in Norway. Göteborg was on this route so we visit the nice man and his family. They were so welcoming.
  • In Frederikstad we stayed about one month with a nice man, he recently became a follower of Jesus and is totally on fire. Here we had fellowship, we went to the prayer house in Halden, we prayed for people on the street and we watched a woman get baptized on his veranda. His house was our house he told us, and that was such a blessing because our heating system broke and we could only take cold showers in our motorhome. We totally felt the freedom to use his house (that is not everywhere the case) and we were sad to leave again.
  • We had the idea to travel along the coast, but during making plans the Lord told us another direction. We needed to go straight up towards Trondheim. We saw no coast but a lot of scary roads where the Lord protected us al the time. In the middle of our route to Trondheim we could stay at a Dutch family were we could pray for them and also have fellowship.
  • After that we went to a campsite and became sick, all of us. We were tired. When we felt a bit better we continued our trip, and the Lord provided us a place at a family in Sweden where they took complete care of us. They prepared meals, coffee and also homemade fika every day (fika > coffee with cake in the afternoon). It was really a big blessing, we were able to gain strength there. Also the kids loved them, as there were some farm animals to take care of. We were all happy to stay there!
  • After that we visited Stockholm and started our trip back to the Netherlands. We took the route through Copenhagen so we could visit our friends again.
  • We parked our motorhome approx. 50 minutes from Copenhagen at a farm. We had the idea to visit the big city and were discussing to take our car (we bring our car with a trailer) or the train. I (Marianne) really dislike the train and don’t know why I agreed to take the train. But we did. So Saturday morning around 8.30h we were on the station in Ringsted and we heard a beautiful couple playing beautiful music. My spirit directly jumped inside of me, because it recognized they are followers of Jesus too. So when the train stopped, we deliberately followed them into the compartment. I just wanted to talk with them, I felt that strongly. When we sat down the woman walked to the front (we were sitting in the back) and came back 5 minutes later. She talked to her husband (we heard later) that she couldn’t find us anymore and she just wanted to talk with us because she knew in her heart we were Jesus followers too! Then Juda walked besides them and she turned around and saw us. Directly we had a good conversation and planned to visit them. This is one of God’s heavenly appointments. So, if I chose the car, we would have missed this. We visited them a few days later and met each other in our love for the Lord.
  • After that we arrived at our dear friends where we stayed 2 months in April and May. We stayed now 2 nights and had beautiful fellowship and just a lovely “being together”.
  • This friends were sending us to friends on our route back to the Netherlands. When we came there we met lovely people and also the Lord put on Jeffrey his heart to give them our trampoline we brought with us (also in our trailer). Turned out that the mom of this family was praying for something to play for her kids, they just moved there and had not so much to play outside. This was a blessing to them! We had also a lovely evening there with them, another family and friends of the family. All Jesus followers, so no “how is the weather” talk but really good and constructive conversations.
  • We continue our journey to the Netherlands and parked our motorhome in Germany for a couple of nights. Just on a motorhome parking area. It was a lovely place with a playground. One evening a woman came with her kids to play there as well. We were already in the motorhome preparing the kids for the night. Out of the blue the woman knocked on the door and she gave us some nice pastries. So she really had on her heart to give us what she had. God provides always. We had the feeling to give her something back, so we told her about Jesus His love for her.
  • When we went back to the Netherlands the campsite close to our previous home was full. But she promised to make a place for us. In the end it turned out that the place was perfect for us! We were really thankful and stayed there for 6 weeks.

We continued our travel journey in October 2022…

With love,

Draaijer family

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