A healthy living

For years we are eating very healthy; organic, much fruits, veggies and almost no sugar. Why? Because we saw the benefits in our health after changing our food habits step by step. We got more energy, less sickness and we felt much better in our body’s. After Maura was born we were paying even more attention to healthy food. Because she got rash and swollen eyes / hands / feet / and more (hives and angioedema). It was painful and itchy. We pretty much eliminate every possible cause, also in food. She was never able to eat the same at a party, school or in church at the kidsclub. We always made something similar and very nice looking, which took a lot of time. Because we didn’t want that she felt sad about her treat. So she was most of the time happy with our creations and was used to it.

Over the years it became more a religion, everything needed to be healthy and good. We realized this in the beginning of our trip through Scandinavia. The higher you go in Scandinavia, the less organic food you will find. So we were forced to let the organic part go.

The Bible is saying that what the Lord declares Holy, we may not declare unholy. We may bless the food in Jesus name and eat everything that is given to us. This is an important part as a disciple of Jesus (someone who is following Jesus), that you eat what people serve you. For us this part was hard, we needed to learn this . But we really want to live like the Bible instructs us to, so we did also this part.

Maura was eating a lot of things she may not eat before and we always prayed over her and the food she was eating. Normally the smallest “wrong” thing would provoke rash and more. We saw that the Lord healed her, because NOTHING happend! She was totally free! So are we. We are able to eat everything and to eat everywhere where we are invited as a family.

One evening months later we saw some rash coming on the body of Maura, exactly how it was before. We directly commanded this rash to go in the name of Jesus, because Maura is healed. So this sickness had no right to stay or expand anymore. Before the rash will took over the whole skin in a few hours, now we just saw the little rash that was on her body disappear. Jesus is healer!

The Lord is working in us during this trip, we learned to let go of control and trust in Him only. We decided the year before to give our lives to Jesus and let our old lives behind us but still we found out that we didn’t gave the Lord everything. In this healthy part for example you can see we tried to keep control. But the Lord doesn’t want just a few parts of our lives, He really wants ALL parts. Also health, finance, how we live, etc. It is to encourage you: don’t hold anything back for the Lord or try it on your own strength. Just give Him ALL and He will take care of everything. Sounds almost to simple right? But trusting is not always simple, it is a choice to do it. Even when you don’t see directly results.

With love,

Draaijer family

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