We arrived at the first family where we could stay. Lovely people who opened their house for people of God. Our purpose with our travel is to discover what the Lord want us to do on earth, have more time with God (reading the Bible, praying, listening, following lessons about the gospel and so on) and share His love with the world. We really want to Seek the Kingdom of God first, and we believe that the rest shall be given. It is our motto and we decided to put this on our motorhome, more for ourselves so when we enter the motorhome that we always will see that first. At the other side of the motorhome you will find “Rooted in Christ” because we are rooted in Him. We live through Jesus Christ and that is our base.

We had a hectic time behind us with selling our house, get rid of a lot of stuff, finding our way into our new situation, unforeseen repairs, bad weather and sickness. So it was hard for us to see why we where actually at the place where we were. Do you still understand? 😉 The tiredness came in. We decided to ask the Lord what we were doing at that place and there was one word coming back: Rest. For us almost impossible, we only knew a busy life and it is so hard to get the rush out of our system. But we decided to rest and so we ended up staying 2 months to gain new strenght.

With the other family we would sometimes eat together, we joined their housechurch, prayed together and also went on the streets together to share Gods love. Not because we need to but because we want to share His love. It is almost never easy to start a conversation but it is all worth it when you see joy again in the eyes of people, when you see healing in front of you in the mighty name of Jesus or when people allow you to pray for them or their family.

I will close this blog with a great testimony. In this time of rest I (Marianne) felt unseen. This was part of my life; I did a lot “good” things (by the grace of God!) but almost no one was seeing it. I know I do everything for the Lord so what people see or not doesn’t matter. But for my feelings (flesh) that day it matters. I also had a big graving for a nice cake at that moment, I just couldn’t find it yet in this new country for me. That evening a sister (in Christ) came to me, she had a card with the words “The Lord is El Roi” which means “The God who sees me”. She also baked some nice cakes (!) ánd brought my favorite plant. For the record: it was the first time I saw this lovely sister, we never talked before. She felt in her spirit to write this to me, bake the cakes and give this plant. You see that the Lord sees me and is giving some more. And when He is seeing me, He is seeing you definitely as well.

Every family we visited from that moment on we asked the Lord what we are doing in that place. So He can reveil our purpose of that moment. And from this last testimony on, I never feel unseen anymore. Praise the Lord!

With love,

Draaijer family

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